TRANSForm is a collective of dance artists that extends across cultural and geographic boundaries. Founders Carrie Goodnight (Seattle), Amanda Herman (Seattle), Valerie Ifill (Charlotte), Marcie Mamura (Philadelphia), A.T. Moffett (Wilmington), Gina and Kyle Sorensen (San Diego), and Alexandra Taylor (New York) delve into cross-country collaboration to open contemporary discourses on and through the art of dance. 

Comprised of alumni from the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, TRANSForm builds on a foundation of shared experiences with collective investment in new intersections, presenting work and creating opportunities to engage with dance communities across the country. TRANSForm dance collective is wildly curious about the TRANSfer of ideas in the process of exchange, TRANSgressing old models and standards of performance, and the TRANSpiring possibilities of dance-making within a community of artists.